Keep fit and Dance for fun

Webmaster  Wave Tyrrell

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Welcome to the Scottish Country Dancing site for Branches, Groups and Classes Objectives


Come to learn and enjoy Scottish Country Dancing. All groups of dancers encourage new members to come out and dance!

Find a group near you and come by yourself or with a friend. You need not be Scottish to enjoy the fun.  Wear flat, soft-soled shoes without heels and come have a good time.  A kilt is not required!

The benefits of Scottish Country Dancing are to keep the mind and body fit. Minds are kept sharp in remembering the sequence of figures and formations in a dance. There are at least 6000 dance so dancers cannot be expected to memorise them all. There are two basic steps, the hop/skip steps for reels and jigs and the slow stretching step for the uniquely traditional strathspey. It is only the minority who can dance the steps to perfection as the main requirement is to keep in time to Scottish music. Dancing provides valuable opportunities for musicians to play traditional Scottish music. Dancers can tailor their efforts into their dancing according to their age and ability.

 It is a great activity to be hooked on.

  1. To provide a place where dancing groups may have a web presence;
  2. To preserve and further the practice of traditional Scottish country dancing;
  3. To promote the enjoyment and appreciation of Scottish country dancing and music by any suitable means;

This  web site is for Scottish Country Dancing Branches, Classes or clubs to publish information on their activities. There is a page for each to give details on where and when they meet, fees, events and contacts with photos and information.

This site supports the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society and shares the same objectives to promote Scottish country dancing. It is not part of the RSCDS although it is run by RSCDS members.